Cosplay Portfolio

Portfolio - 2016 
Cosplayer - Daina from Amonymous Cosplay - She has been a guest at con's and has won awards from Costume contest, including top prize in Calgary
Cosplay - Leliana - Dragon Age: Origins.

Published work in a Local Newspaper.

Cosplayer - Daina from Amonymous Cosplay 
Cosplay - Lady Alustriel Silverhand - Forgotten Realms

Cosplayer - Daina from Amonymous Cosplay 
Cosplay - Bethany from Dragon age 2

Lord of the ring shoot 
Cosplayers - Larissa from Girl with the Joker Tattoo Frodo
Jason from RC Cosplay Nazgul
Roger from Thee Grey Pilgrim  Sauron

 Cosplayer - Roger from Thee Grey Pilgrim - i am his official photographer since 2015
Cosplay - Sauron 
2 time Workmanship award winner.

Cosplayer - Ashley from Longbeard leathers 
Cosplay - Thorin - The Hobbit

Cosplayer - Nathan 
Cosplay - Viking 

Cosplayer Jessica @kiwi_kins
Cosplay- Wonder Woman Bombshell

Cosplayer Dale Kliparchuk @canadawolverine
Cosplay - Wolverine 
Cosplayer - Jenn from Veda Cosplay
Cosplay - Jean Grey

About Me!

                                                     Located in Edmonton, originally from Calgary
I started with animals and landscapes photography and also being a fan of Comic expo's, i soon found that i can combine them. I had found my love of Cosplay photography. 
I am always learning new stuff and being that it is live art, i can be creative and tell a story that many know and hold dear to their heart, or they are just a fan and say right on. Either way it is awesome! Throw out the rules and just be...... i choose photography! 

You can find your pictures to have a natural feeling with a touch of magic! I shoot on location using natural light and flashes. Please contact me if you have questions, and to book with me. Contact me here.

Check out my Facebook for updated info, pictures.